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Introducing MX Player: The Best Video Player for Android

Using the best video player for android can make all the difference between having an enjoyable experience and being frustrated with your device. One of the most popular video players for Android, MX Player, features hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding to ensure smooth playback and minimal battery drain, as well as support for subtitles and USB/bluetooth keyboards so you can quickly jump to your desired part of the movie without having to fast forward or rewind by hand. Learn how to use MX Player here!

What is MX Player 

Founded in 2006, J2 Interactive is one of India’s top mobile app development companies. Its latest creation—MX Player—is one of its best. Touted as the best video player on any platform, MX Player is a free app with features that take your movie-watching experience to new heights. The kicker? It’s 100 percent free and open source with no ads or in-app purchases. Check out some of its highlights below!

Getting Started With MX Player

This is a detailed tutorial to show you how to get started with and use MX player. If you don’t already have it installed on your phone, we’ll walk you through downloading and installing it (don’t worry, it’s free). Once installed, we’ll help you understand how to browse videos from your computer or another Android device. We’ll also talk about some of our favorite features that are available when using MX player.

Playing Videos in MX Player

It’s a good idea to have at least one video player app on your phone, in case you find yourself without an internet connection or wanting to watch something offline. Here’s how to use MX player Open MX player and tap + to import videos from your device storage or cloud storage (like Dropbox). Tap on any of your videos and then hit Play. You can also swipe left/right to switch between multiple videos. To learn more about using MX player check out our help center .

Supported Formats

MX Player supports most major video formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV and FLV. It also supports audio streams such as AC3 and DTS. With support for hardware accelerated video decoding using either VDPAU or DXVA it plays most of H.265/HEVC videos (codecs like H.264 HP@L4.1 are supported by HW too). Also included are Mpeg-2 and Mpeg-4 ASP (DivX), Xvid, WMV3(WMV9), h263(H263+), VP6 FMP4/MKV containers and WebM/VP8 codecs – so you can play all formats that exist today!

Subtitles in MX Player

Did you know that you can watch YouTube videos with subtitles in MX Player? To enable subtitles, simply open a video in our app and select ‘Subtitle’ from its options. If you’re watching a movie from a local source (e.g., on your phone), and find that it doesn’t contain English subtitles, head over to Advanced Settings > Subtitle and choose one of many available languages. Easy, right? Give it a try!

Import Media Into Your Library

To import files into your library, select Add Files and choose a file that’s compatible with your device’s operating system. If you have a large library of media on your computer, it might be easier to connect your phone via USB cable and drag files from your computer’s file manager directly to your device’s media folder. For more detailed instructions, refer to our guide on adding videos and music to an Android device.

Playback Settings in MX Player

With so many different video formats out there and software to play them, it can be difficult to find a player that’s compatible with all of your videos. To make sure you have access to every video on your device, we’ve added a full set of playback settings. You can now adjust playback speed by up to 4 times, change audio tracks and stream subtitles directly from our app. In addition, for all those video files without an audio track (like .MKV or .MOV), MX Player includes its own advanced sound decoders that work like magic! There’s also a convenient Equalizer in case you want to fine-tune your experience.

Managing Files and Folders with File Manager in MX Player

If you’re a video buff, then it’s a good idea to use one of many video player apps on your Android smartphone or tablet. One of our top favorites is MX Player. It’s simple to use, offers tons of built-in options and codecs, and plays pretty much any video file format there is (including AVI and MKV). It also has a multi-window option that lets you stream videos from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more—all in one window without having to flip back and forth between different apps.

Features of MX Player

MX Player Pro has all of your standard playback functions. You can do looping and fine-tune your downloads, you can view your subtitles in color or different languages, and you can even adjust subtitle font sizes to match a growing need for higher resolution on smaller mobile screens. It also supports multi-core processors, which allows videos to stream faster—and look better than ever. Most importantly, however, is that it’s completely free. You’ll never have to pay extra just to get any of its premium features. And that makes it one of our favorite video players for Android. There are plenty of other great ones out there, but none of them will give you as much for free. If you want an app with more bells and whistles, then be prepared to open up your wallet first. Otherwise, stick with what works. MX Player does exactly what it needs to without cluttering up your phone with unnecessary features. This is especially important if you don’t plan on watching high-definition content often. Since HD files tend to take up more space and require additional resources from your device, those two factors alone could lead to significant problems down the road. Just use good old SD quality instead! Not only does it save storage space, but it also ensures that everything runs smoothly every time you use your phone for media consumption. Another feature worth mentioning is MultiCast compatibility . While most people may not see too many benefits from MultiCast at first glance, I guarantee they won’t regret downloading such a feature once they realize how convenient it really is.

How to use MX Player

If you have a phone running an Android operating system, you’ve likely encountered both QuickTime and VLC. While these two media players are certainly among some of the best in their class, there is one that trumps them both – and it’s called MX Player. This phenomenal video player lets you easily play any type of media file regardless of its size or codec, making it a must-have app for any device user. If you want to know how to use MX Player so that your viewing experience can be even better, read on to find out.

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